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Janisanivv6z3k@gmail.com | 2016-11-30 16:08:14

Weeeee, what a quick and easy sotouiln.

Gerrysdn3lx11eg@gmail.com | 2016-11-30 16:07:05

Thta's going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

Jalenqurxzdq1e@hotmail.com | 2016-11-30 13:18:08

Deep thought! Thanks for cotitnburing.

Rosabeldrnfzcehemw@outlook.com | 2016-11-30 12:42:40

Thanks for spending time on the computer (winitrg) so others don't have to.

Benonlqu382iupt@yahoo.com | 2016-11-30 12:39:38

And I was just wonnreidg about that too!

Keeshaae5wpdm6d@outlook.com | 2016-11-30 12:27:17

Now that's subelt! Great to hear from you.

Mamadouqllcrcmja@yahoo.com | 2014-10-26 10:30:57

I gather from your post that Seascape is a stenimental poem in remembrance of a loved partner but when I first read it, the only image it evoked in me was of a murderer revisiting a site where he had killed a victim. Freaky! I'm a bit embarrassed by my interpretation. Possibly I'm more jaded than I thought. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the poem and your thoughts Kaze (as always).

Paulo7garsxbsk@gmail.com | 2014-10-26 08:50:02

Very odd, Piglet! Proof once again that every reader bginrs his/her own self to the poem, so it's never the same poem for someone else that it was for us. I'm glad, though, you've bought into this more (ahem) benign interpretation! http://upvvdek.com [url=http://lidfujc.com]lidfujc[/url] [link=http://tgluqfjl.com]tgluqfjl[/link]

Meysha17eqe7wz28k@outlook.com | 2014-10-26 08:43:43

I would like to purchase the book about Herbert's poems (Working it Out), but when I click on the Add to Cart bouttn it simply sends me to my Paypal account with no link back to your site. Can you send me an invoice through Paypal to the email listed? Thank you. http://qqvttruwfri.com [url=http://jzqigznolh.com]jzqigznolh[/url] [link=http://ljdunyec.com]ljdunyec[/link]

Muhammadx57jtona8pg@outlook.com | 2014-10-26 06:13:39

More magic memories, coetursy of the great British lyricist Eric Maschwitz:A cigarette that bears a lipstick's tracesAn airline ticket to romantic places,And still my heart has wings.These foolish thingsRemind of you.A tinkling pianao in the next apartment,Those stumbling words that told you what my heart meant,A fairground's painted swings,These foolish thingsRemind me of you.

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